No matter what your top issue is – education, the environment, health care, the economy, etc. – ending gerrymandering should be your second most important issue. That’s because until we end gerrymandering, we won’t have the functioning democracy we need to enact common-sense solutions to the challenges we face.


Although, in many ways, gerrymandering is at the heart of the gridlock and frustration we see in government, the fact is that many people just don’t know much about gerrymandering – or how to stop it.

That’s where the Flush GerryMander project comes in.

Inspired by Jim Henson, Charlotte resident Harry Taylor launched the Flush GerryMander campaign to use creativity and humor for the cause of educating and engaging the public to end gerrymandering in North Carolina.


Harry – and that rascal, GerryMander himself – often speak to groups in the Charlotte area and around North Carolina on the issue of gerrymandering and ways to establish fair voting maps for our state. It’s a fun and entertaining way to bring people together for a great cause.

To submit a request for Harry and GerryMander to speak with your group, please contact us at