Let’s Talk About It

It’s true! I really do rig your elections. No kidding around. But it’s not my fault! Political parties use me like a puppet. My brilliant system allows them to dupe you – the voters – into believing elections are fair, that your vote always counts. They like it that way and so do I – but some, like these people at – want to expose my scam and Flush me from the scene. It ain’t gonna happen – but you can try. Stop me if you can! Ha ha ha!

Isn’t he just awful! After more than 200 years of his shenanigans, it’s time to Flush Gerry Mander!

How can we do that?

It’s simple, really. By 2020, we’ll amend the North Carolina Constitution to replace Gerry Mander with a system that henceforth draws fair and non-partisan voting maps! You’re wondering if We the People can actually do that, aren’t you? Actually, the 170 House and Senate members of the North Carolina General Assembly must do it.

So we should just ask them, right?

Well, that’s the dicey part. Remember, it is they who conspire and connive with Gerry Mander to rig our elections. So they are reluctant to make such a change. It’s us versus them! We the People have to badger, bug, annoy, pester, hound, heckle EVERY elected representative and tell them we want Gerry Mander flushed! Before 2020! And if they want to keep him in power, we need to Flush them too!!!!




We the People participate in our political system by voting for individuals we expect will represent us – to design how our communities look and function with regard to safety, jobs, air quality, housing, and education.


When political parties rig elections for their own power and gain, the result is an unfair and unrepresentative democracy. Elections are non-competitive. Quality candidates are discouraged from running. Voters have fewer choices.


At a time of exhausting political polarization, we need honest, broad-minded representatives who focus on things that matter, not myopic individuals focused on the next hot “wedge issue.” But today our role as voters is being obliterated by extraordinary amounts of money, unchecked corporate power, lobbyists, and – yes – political parties.


In 2016 North Carolina legislative elections – under unfair gerrymandered maps – more than 90 percent of our state legislators either ran unopposed or won by double-digit margins. Not a single one of 13 U.S. Congressional race was competitive. That is NOT democracy!

Recent News

The Empty Debate Podium

October 18, 2018

Can’t you just feel Maeve’s frustration? As a voter, she wants to make informed choices about candidates, and believes she’s entitled to watch them faceoff against each other. But far too often – especially in gerrymandered districts – incumbent candidates don’t bother to show up. Since their district is rigged and they are practically guaranteed […]

Vote for John

August 7, 2018

So…young Maeve and that rascal Gerry Mander are at it again…debating the rigging of elections by drawing maps that protect political power and leave democracy in tatters. As usual, headstrong Gerry believes he’s won. But after a well-deserved thwack on the head, he’s again “flushed” out of the scene. Sadly, he’ll be back…unless We the […]

Tilting Justice

June 28, 2018

Well, now. It’s been quite a month at the U.S. Supreme Court and the the North Carolina General Assembly. For the most part, a steady stream of dreadful court decisions and non-decisions. That prior to Justice Kennedy’s sudden retirement announcement. In Raleigh, a wealth of ill-intentioned legislation, together with fall ballot measures designed to suppress […]

The Flush GerryMander campaign launches in NC

June 14, 2018

Thanks to everyone who joined us Wednesday in Charlotte for the launch event of our Flush GerryMander campaign, featuring a live performance by Gerry Mander himself! Get involved in the fight for fair voting maps or make a donation to support our work. There’s much more to come from the Flush GerryMander campaign!

Meet Gerry Mander – live and in person!

June 5, 2018

We’re excited to invite you to the official launch event of our Flush Gerry Mander project! Please join us on Wednesday, June 13 at 10:00 a.m. in Charlotte at Morrison Regional Library (7015 Morrison Blvd.) and meet Gerry Mander in person. The event will include a press conference and performance with Gerry Mander himself. We’ll also […]

Students take the lead in the movement for change

May 3, 2018

Since the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in February, there has been an upwelling of activity and conversation coming directly from students. Much ado has been made of walkouts, the March For Our Lives, and various memorial events.

Gerrymandering Court Decisions Flooding News Media

January 29, 2018

Between January 10 and January 23, the Charlotte Observer published eight separate articles – two being editorials – about gerrymandering in North Carolina, including the anticipated rigging of judicial districts. This unrelenting news and commentary concerns unconstitutional election districts created by the NC General Assembly. North Carolina isn’t alone in recent news. Pennsylvania has been […]

Panel of Judges Has Struck Down North Carolina’s U.S. Congressional Election Districts Maps as Unconstitutional

January 23, 2018

Lots of buzz last week regarding gerrymandering. A panel of federal judges struck down North Carolina’s U.S. Congressional election districts maps as unconstitutional. ( This was another in a long string of lawsuits challenging unfair election maps. With such maps in hand, political parties “pick their voters” in lieu of We the People picking our […]

Anemic Primary Election Turnout and Voter Choice

October 26, 2017

Did you vote in the most recent primary election? No? Sadly, you’re not in the minority. Here is something to think about… The general tenor of our society today of rampant polarization, impatience, meanness, and selfishness reflects the character of far too many individuals in political power. Your absence abets that condition every time you stay […]

Who are all those people?

October 24, 2017

Did you realize that Gerry is rigging elections for political candidates? We are not choosing them, they are forcing us to choose what they want.  Does that sound like Democracy to you?  It doesn’t to us & it is time we Flush GerryMandering!