Redistricting and Map-drawing is nearly upon us – and GerryMander is gearing up to fleece our democracy once again!!!

The redistricting calendar is moving fast now. Six weeks ago, the 2020 Census released the first public results regarding how the U.S. House of Representatives 435 seats will be apportioned among the 50 states for the next decade. As anticipated, population growth since 2010 means North Carolina will gain a 14th seat! Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Alabama all lost seats.

Good news…but shortly afterward…we learned that Republicans plan to gerrymander the state to create a 10-4 majority for themselves. What? How can that be, you may ask? We know North Carolina is a very purple state, nearly balanced between the two major parties. Shouldn’t the distribution be about 7-7?

Yes, it should…except that creep, GerryMander, is getting ready to do his “thing” again –

There it is! Right from the proverbial ‘horse’s mouth.’ Carve up the voters so their votes have no value! Yep…another plank in the rampant voter suppression movement flooding the entire country.

Last week, BIG GerryMander was out for his first gig since the pandemic shutdown – a rally at N.C. Senator Thom Tillis’ office demanding passage of For The People Act and John Lewis Act. Both are crucial to save democracy and are well worth your support.

If you live in Mecklenburg County, please endorse the League of Women Voters initiative requesting that Mecklenburg County and Charlotte pass a resolution to conduct 2021 map-drawing via an open, participatory, and transparent process that encourages citizen input. 

When actual map-drawing begins, attend public hearings (in person or by video) regarding boundaries, communities-of-interest, continuity…and prepare to give public testimony if you believe something is amiss. Hint: it probably will be!

And finally, please get involved with us at Flush GerryMander. Don’t forget that we have a constitutional right to pick those who speak and vote in our behalf. Let’s flush Gerry Mander together!