People Powered Fair Maps Day of Action

As 2021 moves quickly ahead, the time gets closer for the North Carolina General Assembly to exercise its mandate to draw new election district maps for U.S. House of Representatives, and N.C. Senate and House. As well, it’s time for that nasty, orange creature – GerryMander – to emerge from his 10-year hiatus and create massive chaos in OUR democracy. Once again he’ll help political parties pick their voters! A wooden stake through the heart of our democracy! Arrrggggg!

Speaking of GerryMander, he and Harry had a dust-up the other day. Let’s listen in on the conversation –

GerryMander may have lost that skirmish, but the fair maps battle has yet to be joined. As it has for more than 200 years, all those districts will be carefully “crafted” to ensure that political power remains in the hands of a single party. And as has also happened for more than 200 years, We the People will be the big losers. For another decade, our democracy will be crippled and tied in knots. Our daily lives will be impacted in dozens of ways – jobs, education, access to health care, clean air and water, housing, public safety, and recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Might you have an urge to talk with those with the power to create fair maps and flush this dishonest, immoral, unethical practice for good? Join the national League of Women Voters People Powered Day of Action on April 29th. Email us here, and we’ll send a quick and easy-to-use kit to help you 1) make 4 phone calls – to the NC legislative majority leaders, and 2) send 2 emails – to the members of the NC Senate and House Redistricting Committee members, 35 people in all.

And…please get involved with us at Flush GerryMander. You can make positive impact at Democracy North Carolina and Common Cause as well. Give them a try.

Lastly, never, ever forget – North Carolina is OUR state, not the private domain of political parties. We have a constitutional right to pick those who speak and vote in our behalf at public forums.  Help us Flush GerryMander!