The New Decade Begins

Yikes! 2021 is upon us! For those with a passion for authentic democracy – one in which We the Voters are supposed to pick our representatives – this is an anxious time. Why so? The 2020 Census results are nearly complete, and the 435 seats of the U.S. House of Representatives will soon be divvied up (reapportioned) among our 50 states.

What happens then? New election district maps – for U.S. House, state senate and state house, school boards, county commissions, and city councils – will be drawn across the land. If history is a judge, the maps are unlikely to be competitive or representative. Not exactly democracy’s promise!

In North Carolina and many other states across the country, the controlling political party will draw the maps. Regrettably, they do so not to establish balanced representative districts, but to maximize political power. As surely as the earth turns, those controlling political parties will turn to our old nemesis, gerrymandering. The centuries-old tactic is unethical, immoral, and patently dishonest – but entirely legal because the legislators make the laws to suit themselves.

So here we are at the start of the decade pitted against that rotten-to-the-core creep GerryMander himself. Let’s eavesdrop on our recent debate –

So there it is, right from the horse’s – whoops – I meant to say GerryMander’s mouth! If we hope to see fair elections – those not rigged by political parties – it’s time to rise up and DEMAND REDISTRICTING REFORM.

The new legislature opens for business next Wednesday, January 13. Stay in touch with us at Flush GerryMander. Become part of our small army to convince our political representatives to take care of our democracy, not their power.