Call to Action

As I write this, there are but 7 days remaining until Election Day 2020. Across our land, voters are swarming to Early Voting sites. Vote-by-Mail ballots are setting records right and left. [When the presidential candidate debate began on Thursday evening, more the 70 million Americans had voted.] It is likely this fall will deliver a record voter turnout. And for good reason. Our country is sick – with a virus, an impaired economy for tens of millions, schools challenged to teach online and in risky classrooms. Police violence has caused massive unrest, and…

…it’s been a rocky year for the crucial 2020 Census. Politicians are pulling out all the stops to cut the enumeration period off early. That is sure to cripple reapportionment of the 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives. It’s one more effort to game the system and to aid gerrymandering. Let’s see how Super-Girl Maeve is handling it…

Boy…I love that kid! Twelve years of age and she gets it, but six and a half million North Carolina voters don’t. If we’re ever to see fair elections again – elections not rigged by political parties – We the People need to rise up and DEMAND REDISTRICTING REFORM. Now! Political parties be damned! This is our democracy, not theirs!

Call to Action: In mid-2012, I was putting the finishing touches on a book, ‘You Can’t Get There From Here.’ It’s a story about the grim, democracy-killing tactic of rigging election districts by gerrymandering. This piece – saved on my computer as ‘Prologue/Foreward’ – did not make it into the book. I happened on a printed copy several weeks ago. Curiously, most of the piece might have been written today. Little has changed for the better.

Last week, my friends Mary and Charles Love published the essay here:

So don’t forget, rigging elections by drawing gerrymandered maps distorts and corrupts your vote. We know what’s wrong, and we know how to fix it. Now…we need political representatives willing to make it happen. Please vote for authentic democracy on November 3rd!