Your Voting Plan … and the 2020 census

Perhaps you’re not following it, but the crucial Census 2020 is still counting heads due to the pandemic-induced chaos. Early this year, delivery of the count was delayed until April 2021 to accommodate the resulting challenges. Alas, President Trump reversed that extension, and demanded numbers by the original deadline of December 31, 2020. The result? The final census will be both incomplete and inaccurate…

…nonetheless – early next year – the North Carolina legislature will begin drawing new election maps. The critical question will be WHO will draw those maps? It’s that same thorny issue our heroine Maeve has been pursuing. Let’s look in to see what she’s up to:

No surprise! Maeve is right on target! Gerrymandering IS the act of rigging the People’s elections. It’s perpetrated by political parties…

…which points out why November 3rd elections are so important. It’s an election you surely don’t want miss.

COVID19 caused turmoil in the latest primary elections. Conventional in-person voting on Election Day could be time-consuming and unsafe. We encourage you to make a sound and risk-free voting plan. Consider:

  1. Tens of thousands of voters have been purged from the voting rolls, so be sure your voter registration is in good order.
  2. If you’re not registered, visit Vote 411 to find out how.
  3. The coronavirus will make visiting your polling place dicey, so consider voting by mail. North Carolina has a simple, no-excuse process to request an absentee ballot via email, USPS mail, fax, in person, or online here before October 27.
  4. To see the status of your absentee ballot request, click here.
  5. Want to cast your ballot prior to Election Day? Early voting begins on October 15. Check hours and locations here.
  6. County election boards across the state are short of workers for both Early Voting and Election Day. If you’re a younger, healthy individual, consider working – and getting paid – as a poll worker. Click here to learn how.
  7. If you’ve not yet registered for the 2020 Census, please take care of take care of it here. Every one of us is important! We all need to be counted!
  8. And finally – but by no means unimportant – help get out the vote. Our friends at Democracy North Carolina have engineered an effective way. Visit them here.

And remember – Rigging elections by drawing gerrymandered maps distorts and corrupts your vote. We know what’s wrong, and we know how to fix it. Now…we need political representatives willing to make it happen. Please vote for authentic democracy on November 3rd!