It’s Getting Ready to Happen Again!

It’s getting ready to happen again! Soon! A new season of gerrymandering is on the way!

When the ink dries on the 2020 Census, political parties – as they have for 2 centuries – will sneak into smoky back rooms in undisclosed locations to pick their voters for the following decade. Yup! You read that right. Despite the U.S. and N.C. constitutions granting citizens the right to pick our representatives, political parties – particularly the majority party – will draw “gerrymandered” maps to pre-determine our election results until 2030!

Their goal? Power! Over the other party! Over We the people! Over OUR democracy! No debates. No discussions. No collaboration. NO DEMOCRACY!

Catch up with super-kid Maeve as she again tussles with that creep, GerryMander, over the practice by politicians of picking their voters instead of We the People picking our representatives:

So there it is! Our future laid out before us. The probability that the N.C. legislature will run roughshod over our home for another decade. The voters? Bah! Who are they? They don’t have rights!

What’s our recourse? Well … listen to this: Seven “fair redistricting bills” are buried in committees at the North Carolina General Assembly. “Buried” means the leaders of the N.C. House and Senate refuse to allow those bills to be discussed, debated, and enacted into law. And you can probably guess why. Fair maps will reduce or terminate the majority legislative party’s influence in drawing voting district lines. Fair redistricting will take away their power! That power to rig elections and guaranty results to their own benefit … before the first citizen casts her ballot! Gives you the creeps, doesn’t it!

On April 28, the N.C. Legislature is scheduled to go back into session. Those bills will stay buried – never to see the light of day – unless We the People stand up and make considerable noise. The 170 members of the N.C. House and Senate need to know we’re out here, and that we demand those fair redistricting bills be brought up for discussion.

It should go without saying that communities function best when public issues and problems are approached from a nonpartisan and consensus-driven place. That’s NOT possible when political parties rig our elections for their own advantage and power … and ignore constituents by bowing to the wishes of money, lobbyists, and political ideologues.

In truth, We the People know what’s wrong. We know viable solutions are available. But too many people in political power don’t want to resolve problems and fix issues. Let’s clear the board for the legitimate election of statesman and people of good conscience. Let’s Flush GerryMander! Now!

While we’re stuck under “stay at home” house arrest, will you help us make a hellacious racket as the General Assembly arrives in Raleigh? We’re running out of chances, and your voice will have impact. STAND UP & SPEAK OUT! Here’s how:

  1. Sign the Common Cause End Gerrymandering Pledge and Fair Districts NC’s 5 Principals for Reasonable Redistricting Reform.
  2. Request in the strongest possible appeal these 4 individuals allow public chamber discussion on the redistricting bills currently in committees. Please call and email them again and again. Senator Phil Berger (919-733-5708;; Senator Ralph Hise (919-733-3460;; Representative Tim Moore (919-733-3451;; and Representative David Lewis (919-715-3015;
  3. Call and write your own N.C. senator and House member
  4. Volunteer with Fair Districts NC, Common Cause NC, Democracy North Carolina, and NC4RR.
  5. Consider a donation to support Flush

The poisoning of democracy by political parties won’t cease until gerrymandering is flushed forever! This is our state and our country! Don’t sit back and let political parties take it from us!