Democracy, and new HUGE GerryMander. (Psst! He’s awesome … but he’s got to go!)

I speak frequently in my role as spokesman for Flush GerryMander, always beginning with a discussion of DEMOCRACY. Few would find fault with definitions that include “a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people” and “people elect representatives to form a governing body such as a congress.” The operative phrases in the fight to replace gerrymandering with fair redistricting are “power vested in the people” and “people elect representatives.”

Under OUR current tattered democracy, political parties choose their voters long before the people arrive at the polls expecting to elect their representatives. The truth is that “power” is not vested in the people! It’s vested in political parties – specifically the majority party – to be used against each other and against the people. We should all be asking this: How can there be democracy if We the People can’t elect our representatives?

Listen to our super-heroine, Maeve, as she faces off against GerryMander himself. Maeve wins this exchange because she’s courageously willing to stand and take action.

Wonder Woman Maeve has hit the nail square on the head! That’s the bottom line of the entire gerrymander fiasco. Political parties will never, ever draw fair and non-partisan maps. It’s solely about their power; to the devil with the people they’re sworn to represent!

We’ve no shortage of issues and problems that need attention and solutions, but our democracy is broken … arrogance, greed, corruption, and incumbents willing to stoop to any level to win reelection. The common retort is “Vote them out in November!” Alas –  while gerrymandering protects their safe seats – we can vote all we want, but WE CAN’T VOTE THEM OUT!

How about something fun! Check out this video of the Charlotte United Women’s March a few weeks ago. Our new HUGE GerryMander puppet made his public debut and got plenty of attention. You can’t miss him. If you’re interested in having him appear at your function, let us know.

What can we do to Flush GerryMander and make FAIR REDISTRICTING the law of the land?

  1. STAND UP & SPEAK OUT! Tell everyone you know that our elections are rigged.
  2. Sign the Common Cause End Gerrymandering Pledge.
  3. Demand these 4 individuals pass Senate Bill 673, which places responsibility for redistricting on an independent Citizens Commission. Please call and email them again and again. Senator Phil Berger (919-733-5708;; Senator Ralph Hise (919-733-3460;; Representative Tim Moore (919-733-3451;; and Representative David Lewis (919-715-3015;
  4. Volunteer with Fair Districts NC, Common Cause NC, Democracy North Carolina, and NC4RR.
  5. Consider a donation to support Flush

Shenanigans by political parties won’t cease until gerrymandering is flushed forever! Politicians won’t cease until YOU STAND UP and pressure this legislature for a citizen-led redistricting process! NOW! Don’t forget that next opportunity doesn’t come until 2029!

This is our state and our country! Don’t sit back and let political parties take it from us!