What’s cooking today on gerrymandering and fair redistricting

Tuesday, May 7, saw Common Cause North Carolina hosting the People’s Lobby Day to END GERRYMANDERING. Lots of patter over fair maps in the public realm, but the North Carolina legislative leadership hasn’t even bothered to ignite the stove. No surprise there. The same trend repeats across many other states (Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, et. al.) where that rascal GerryMander continues to filch democracy from the people.

Joining the gathering were 3 members of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission, a Democrat, Republican, and Unaffiliated individual. The Commission was created in 2010 following the 2008 passage of California Proposition 11, the Voters First Act, and 2010 passage of California Proposition 20, the Voters First Act for Congress. In lieu of political parties rigging elections to their own benefit, this Commission holds responsibility for determining the boundaries of districts for the State SenateState AssemblyBoard of Equalization, and U.S. House of Representatives.

Now … get this bit of hooey: The Commission was criticized by some politicians because “many safe seats in the Legislature would suddenly become competitive!” Such gall! They’re hot because they can no longer rig the People’s elections!

The May 7 discussion included ideas and features found absent in states where political gerrymandering remains rampant – community outreach, “elected officials being forced to talk with constituents”, restoring public trust in democracy, transparency, and competitive maps.

California’s system is a breath of fresh air for states burdened by gerrymandering where democracy erodes by the hour.

In states without nonpartisan redistricting, legislators ignore constituents, refuse interaction with the opposition party, fashion backroom deals in secret locations, and ram bills through at the last minute with no public input. Not exactly what our founding fathers had in mind while designing a government of, for, and by the people!

How does our super-heroine Maeve view the status quo? She’s plenty blunt … and as usual … has a capital solution:

Maeve’s a tough cookie, isn’t she! Even at the age of 12, she gets it! She clearly understands that gerrymandering needs to be replaced with fair maps and fair districts.

Warning: time is waning for fair maps by 2020. Don’t be lulled into thinking that someone else will save our democracy. It’s up to us, We the People.

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