A Supreme Court rescue?

On January 4, 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court announced that it will hear two cases on gerrymandering – Rucho v. Common Cause and Lamone v. Benisek – that potentially could set a national precedent on how to draw fair maps for congressional candidates, and do it in time for the redistricting after completion of the 2020 census.

Both cases argue that U.S. congressional districts were “drawn” – a more accurate term would be “rigged” – for partisan gain, thereby robbing millions of voters of their constitutional right to pick their representatives.

Rucho v. Common Cause is a North Carolina case that pits the plaintiffs against a Republican legislative majority. Lamone v. Benisek is a Maryland case that pits the plaintiffs against a Democratic legislative majority.

“Partisan gerrymandering is not just a Republican problem or a Democrat problem, it is a politician problem,” says Common Cause national redistricting director Kathay Feng. “Politicians have shown time and again that they cannot resist the temptation to draw maps that protect their power and party at the expense of the American people. We hope the Supreme Court will put people over party.”

And hear Common Cause president Karen Hobert Flynn: “Whether it is Democrats or Republicans manipulating the election maps, gerrymanders cheat voters out of true representation. The Supreme Court has the opportunity to set a clear standard that will restore a meaningful vote to millions of Americans disenfranchised by gerrymanders in Maryland, North Carolina and across the country.”

How do Maeve and GerryMander feel about rigging elections? Click on the video above to learn. You probably won’t be surprised to find them on opposites sides of the debate.

We at Flush GerryMander back Maeve, Kathay, and Karen. Women Rule! People over Party!

And GerryMander? It’s time for that rascal to find other work!

The Supreme Court? We’d be ecstatic should a majority of the nine justices issue a decision to Flush GerryMander. How extraordinary that would be. But regardless of the outcome, let’s not be lulled into the trap that someone else will save our democracy. It’s going to take each and every last one of us – We the People – if gerrymandering is to end …

… so help pass the word to everyone! GerryMander rigs OUR elections! Tell your friends, your neighbors, your mom and dad, the barista at your favorite coffee hangout, your book club, the technician who services your car. And – this is crucial – stand up and tell your NC state senator and House representative that we’ve had enough!

It’s time to Flush GerryMander!!!