The Empty Debate Podium

Can’t you just feel Maeve’s frustration? As a voter, she wants to make informed choices about candidates, and believes she’s entitled to watch them faceoff against each other. But far too often – especially in gerrymandered districts – incumbent candidates don’t bother to show up. Since their district is rigged and they are practically guaranteed a win, they opt out of doing the responsible, honest thing. They shun their own constituents, confident few will notice their cowardly action.

Rigging elections via gerrymandering makes on our Election Day a sad formality, a feel-good process that instead deceives We the Voters into thinking we’ve elected our political representatives! In truth, the results have – for the most part – been engineered in a dark, smoky room by a single political party to favor their candidate. They’ve literally “picked their voters.”

Doesn’t that grate on your soul and raise your hackles?

We’re now deep in the 2018 election cycle. Election Day is right around the corner. In North Carolina, Early Voting begins this week…and on November 7th, barring races too close to call…we’ll once again experience the distorted results of gerrymandered voting maps…

…and yet it doesn’t have to remain that way!

We can and must purge this insidious theft of our own democracy. We must take back our constitutional right to elect our own representatives. Please get involved with Flush GerryMander, Common Cause, the League of Women Voters, and Democracy North Carolina.

Before voting on November 6th, take a look at how your candidates responded to our Fair Maps Pledge to end gerrymandering.

Let’s commit ourselves to perpetual democracy! No more sham elections. An end to political parties picking their voters. Tell your friends, your neighbors, your tennis buddies, your boss, your employees. Make noise! Stand up and tell your NC state senator and House representative that you’ve had enough! It’s time to Flush GerryMander!!!