Tilting Justice

Well, now. It’s been quite a month at the U.S. Supreme Court and the the North Carolina General Assembly.

For the most part, a steady stream of dreadful court decisions and non-decisions. That prior to Justice Kennedy’s sudden retirement announcement. In Raleigh, a wealth of ill-intentioned legislation, together with fall ballot measures designed to suppress voting, hijack the judicial bench, and generally emasculate democracy. Tainted court rulings and truly terrible legislation are on the horizon.

For the most part, all of this is the result of rigging elections via gerrymandering by political parties. Listen to what Gerry Mander has to say in the video below and note the disgust in Maeve’s face as she pulls the plug on that nasty orange reptile!

The creative genius of our country’s founders was reflected in the separation of powers built into the Constitution. Three branches – Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary – keep watch on each other in trust for We the People. Alas, that balance is teetering in North Carolina. Without action by us, it may well vanish forever.

Should you decide to care about democracy and your constitutional right to choose who represents you in political bodies, the time is nigh to get involved. Democracy needs air to breathe, a critical resource currently cut off by the North Carolina General Assembly. North Carolina needs independent redistricting and fair election mapping NOW!

Instead, on June 7,  NC House Speaker Tim Moore in justifying his party’s relentless pursuit of photo voter ID – previously struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court – commented in the Charlotte Observer that “protecting our democracy should be one of lawmakers’ highest priorities.”

That was followed by “Our state must not tolerate anyone’s vote being threatened because lawmakers failed to prevent fraud.” (Rep. John Sauls.)  And from Rep. David Lewis, the proposal was designed “to ensure everyone who is eligible to vote is able to cast a secure ballot. We want extraordinary voter turnout…”

Lofty principals to be sure, but a challenge to take such noble claims as genuine while – through a slight of hand – these same individuals gerrymander the People’s elections to starve democracy to maintain their own power.

Quite something, isn’t it! Are you ready to jump aboard the Flush GerryMander train before it’s too late and democracy is thoroughly silenced? Here is how you can help: volunteer, pass the word, make a contribution, submit an idea, share a contact, sign our petition to Stop Gerrymandering Now.

Learn more at flushgerrymander.com/get-involved.