Students take the lead in the movement for change

Since the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in February, there has been an upwelling of activity and conversation coming directly from students. Much ado has been made of walkouts, the March For Our Lives, and various memorial events.

Early on April 20, what appeared to be the entire student body of Charlotte (NC) Catholic High School filed quietly into the football stadium and took a seat. Several prayers were offered over the P.A. system after which other students and faculty walked onto the field – in groups representing human beings murdered in senseless school shootings over nearly 20 years.

A student announcer referenced the date, location, and respective number of deaths. When the procession ended, 170 students and 30 teachers/administrators stood in the center of the field. The video above should shock you. So should this: Not represented on the field were 187,000 plus students who have survived school shootings.

The memorial closed with this:

One. Change starts with one. One person. One voice. One community.

Dr. Martin Luther King said “For evil to succeed, all it needs is for good men to do nothing.”

Enough is enough.

We must create change. We can be a generation that creates a change. But we cannot evoke
change unless we do something. As Pope Francis said, “It is up to you not to keep quiet, Even if
others keep quiet, if we older people and leaders — so often corrupt — keep quiet, if the whole
world keeps quiet and loses its joy, I ask you: Will you cry out?”

These youngsters – on the cusp of adulthood – clearly see their elders doing little more than offering “thoughts and prayers.” But they do understand that the road to change goes through politics. And they understand that if those in political power refuse to take action, they must be voted out of office.

Alas, too few understand that we can’t “vote them out” while election rigging via gerrymandering continues on unabated. Until We the People demand that election maps be drawn unfettered by interference of political parties, little will change in the never-ending journey to gun reform.

Please, please, please…follow the lead of these impassioned young people. Use your voice to DEMAND from every one of your elected representatives that gerrymandering be replaced with fair redistricting! TODAY!

Help us FLUSH GERRYMANDER FOR GOOD! Help stop gun violence and senseless shootings!