Gerrymandering Court Decisions Flooding News Media

Between January 10 and January 23, the Charlotte Observer published eight separate articles – two being editorials – about gerrymandering in North Carolina, including the anticipated rigging of judicial districts. This unrelenting news and commentary concerns unconstitutional election districts created by the NC General Assembly. North Carolina isn’t alone in recent news. Pennsylvania has been subject to same sort of shenanigans: Hear this: “Pennsylvania’s congressional district map is a partisan gerrymander that “clearly, plainly and palpably” violates the state’s Constitution, the State Supreme Court said on Monday, adding to a string of court decisions striking down political maps that unduly favor one political party.”

Lawsuits are being waged over gerrymandering in Ohio and Wisconsin, other states as well. People are fighting back against the wave of state legislative body actions to rig all district elections in favor of their political party.

A Charlotte Observer editorial on January 23 lamented the hyper-partisan politics forced down the public’s throat these days. The culprit? Gerrymandered election maps – coupled with low voter turnout in primary elections – puts candidates into public office who represent only a tiny margin of those they are sworn to serve. The editors closing remarks: “Still until more Americans insist that voting laws and legislative lines be designed on a non-partisan basis, we should expect more political paralysis.”

Flush Gerrymander was created to help citizens understand how gerrymandering works, how it affects us every day, and to encourage We the People to “insist that voting laws and legislative lines be designed on a non-partisan basis.” We no longer live under democracy – where we get to chose our representatives. Gerrymandering has stolen that from us. Please help spread the sorry news, become active, and help us Flush GerryMander forever in favor of a fair and independent mapping process.