Panel of Judges Has Struck Down North Carolina’s U.S. Congressional Election Districts Maps as Unconstitutional

Lots of buzz last week regarding gerrymandering. A panel of federal judges struck down North Carolina’s U.S. Congressional election districts maps as unconstitutional.


This was another in a long string of lawsuits challenging unfair election maps. With such maps in hand, political parties “pick their voters” in lieu of We the People picking our representatives. 

Alas, the justice system moves at a snail’s pace. The act of rigging election results by political parties needs to cease! Now! Period! Gerrymandering needs to be replaced with a system by which independent parties draw election maps. 

Want fair elections in North Carolina? Get aboard the train to Flush Gerrymandering forever. Start by telling the N.C. General Assembly in Raleigh…and don’t stop telling them until they comply with our wishes! North Carolina belongs to us – not them.